About the Urban Entertainment Institute (UEI)

The Urban Entertainment Institute is a non-profit organization headquartered in Los Angeles, California, that provides in-school and after-school programs where young people train in vocal, dance, digital recording, theatrical and musical performance. Students also learn the technical aspects of the entertainment business and run the merchandising and marketing aspects of the organization under the guidance of industry professionals and advisors.

Each year, the Urban Entertainment Institute provides students with networking opportunities and exposure to accomplished musicians, artists, actors, business managers and agents. They showcase their talents in local and national performances and tours in an effort to raise funds for college scholarships and to prepare them for careers in the entertainment industry. UEI “reaches” kids – who otherwise may be dragged down by overwhelming forces that surround them. When they reach kids – the results on overall interest, energy, learning, grades, and test scores has been both dramatic, and impressive.

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